Fill in the blanks

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  1. Fill in the blanks


NATHALIE: ________________________________________

SÉBASTIEN: Comment t’appelles-tu?

NATHALIE: ___________________________________ Nathalie Aubin.

SÉBASTIEN: Et où est-ce que tu habites?

NATHALIE: _________________________________ Savigny-sur-Orge.

SÉBASTIEN: Et à quelle école est-ce que tu vas?

NATHALIE: Je vais au __________________ Jean-Baptiste Corot.

SÉBASTIEN: En quelle ________________________ es-tu?

NATHALIE: _______________________________ en seconde.

SÉBASTIEN: En général, à quelle heure est-ce que les classes commencent le matin?

NATHALIE: Les classes commencent à ____________________________________.

SÉBASTIEN: Et à quelle heure est-ce qu’elles finissent l’après-midi?

NATHALIE: Elles finissent à ___________________________________________.

SÉBASTIEN: __________________________.

NATHALIE: Au revoir
As you can see, this is a very interesting lycée.

Its main building is _______________.

Here is the moat, formed by a branch of the Orge River. The other buildings are more modern.

What classes does Nathalie have this morning?

Let’s see. Today is ____________. Her first class is _________.

At 9:30, Nathalie has an ___________ class. After her English class, Nathalie has __________. And now that the morning classes are over, Nathalie is going to show us around the lycée.
Match the pictures with the French names


Voici le château. C’est le bâtiment administratif.

Voici les bâtiments scolaires.

Voici le gymnase.

Voici le terrain de foot.

Voici la cantine. J’ai faim!

Before her afternoon classes begin, Nathalie meets her friends. She’ll ask them what their favorite subjects are. Listen carefully and see how many responses you can understand.
—Quel est ton sujet favori? —J’aime _____________________.

—Quel est ton sujet favori? —J’aime. _____________________.

—Je préfère _____________________.

—J’aime _____________________.

—J’aime. _____________________.

—J’aime. _____________________.

—J’aime. _____________________.

—J’aime _____________________.

—J’aime. _____________________.

—J’aime. _____________________.

—Je préfère. _____________________.

—J’aime _____________________.

word bank



les sports


les maths


le français

les sports

la biologie

les sciences naturelles

la musique

les maths.

After lunch, Nathalie has about ___________ before classes begin again.

Depending on which day it is, she leaves school at ________________.

It takes her about a half an hour to get home.

Usually Nathalie begins her __________________ before dinner.

She has about ______________________ of homework every day.

At ________, the family has dinner. After dinner, Nathalie finishes her homework. Then she watches TV or reads in her room. French kids have a busy day, don’t they?

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