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Task 10: Study of Risks

The Study will include a study of risks of technological accidents whose objective would be to analyze various scenarios of accidents in the installations that are contemplated, some of which may have major consequences on the personnel operating these installations as well as on the neighboring populations and the environment. For this purpose, the consultant would:

  • Identify and characterize the potential risks ;

  • Analyze these risks;

  • Quantify the effects of these risks and calculate the distances affected by these risks ;

  • Justify the existing and future means of prevention and protection.

The study should also detail the public emergency and rescue means available in the area and the organization of the private emergency and rescue means available to the firm building the power station and ELECTRA to call upon in case of emergency. Have contracts with these private firms been signed?
Task 11: Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP)

The consultant should recommend, for the proposed project, realistic and cost effective measures to eliminate or reduce important negative impacts at acceptable levels. The consultant should also estimate the cost of these measures as well as the institutional needs and capacity building to implement these measures.

Furthermore, the study should develop a plan for public consultation that should allow the evaluation of the project’s social acceptability by the populations concerned, and prepare the implementation of the communication plan.

The consultant shall also prepare an environmental and social management plan (ESMP) that should include the proposed work programs, a budgetary estimate, schedules, needs for capacity building (i.e. personnel and training) as well as the collaboration with other services for the necessary support for the implementation of the mitigation measures. The ESMP should also determine the measures that should be undertaken to maximize the positive effects of the project. In order to facilitate the work of the monitoring committee, notably the Coordination Unit of the RREWSP and stakeholders, the ESMP will be presented as a table detailing the potential impacts and the mitigation measures, the responsibilities for implementation during the various phases of the project.

The ESMP will facilitate the monitoring and the implementation of mitigation measures. It is also an instrument for monitoring the effects of the project during its construction and operation phases. The ESMP will indicate the relationship between the identified impacts and the indicators to be measured. Furthermore, the monitoring plan will describe the roles and the responsibilities of the different institutions involved in the monitoring of the project as well as the frequency of monitoring. For a transparent monitoring, the consultant, in agreement with the coordination unit of the RREWSP, will define the frequency of the monitoring reports. The cost of the monitoring activities will be included in the overall budget of the project.

  1. Environmental Clauses

The consultant will formulate a number of environmental and social clauses concerning the installation of the production units and the construction of the water storage reservoir. These clauses will form an integral part of the bidding documents. These clauses should also be taken into account by the bidder jointly with the instructions to bidders, the general conditions of contract, the special conditions of contract and the technical specifications and plans/drawings.

  1. Profile of the consultant

The Consultant’s team should have an experience of at least 10 years in the preparation of environmental and social impact assessments/consultation and compensation of populations in line with World Bank guidelines and standards. The Consultant will have a good knowledge of development issues and particularly in electricity and hydrocarbons. The Consultant should be knowledgeable about World Bank requirements and procedures on environmental and social impact assessments. The Consultant’s team should include specialists (a specialist in energy, of norms of disposal of liquid and gaseous effluents and management of pollutants; a specialist in industrial risks; a socio economist  and specialist in communication ; a specialist in public health, and if necessary a specialist in biology and or land or marine biodiversity, etc.).

  1. Reports to be furnished by the consultant

The consultant will prepare a report (draft and final) in numeric form. This report will be structured in conformity to the requirements of Decret - law n°29/2006 which governs the preparation of the environmental and social impact assessments. The final version will include an executive summary in English.

  1. Mission duration

The duration of the ESIA study is estimated at six (6) weeks, including the drafting for the ESIA. It takes into account the investments in Palmarefo (Praia) and Mindelo. The ESIA should be made in two separate reports: one for Praia, including a section of potential impacts and mitigation measures of the increase of the water storage capacity in Praia, and another for the Mindelo power station, given that the environmental and social characteristics of the two sites are not identical.

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