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Project Background and objective of the ESIA

The Electricity Sector Recovery and Reform Project (PRRSE) in Cape Verde, funded by the World Bank, aims to improve the governance and the operational and financial performance of the electricity sector, and to increase the production of electricity and water to meet demand. The PRRSE is part of the national energy policy which it supports in its efforts to ensure the provision of energy services that can improve competitiveness and sustain broad-based growth.
As part of the activities envisaged by the PRRSE, the construction of a power plant in Praia was retained among other things. The construction work, but also the running of the plant, could generate negative environmental and social impacts if preventive measures are not taken. The objective of the mission is to conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) to: (i) identify and assess the project impacts on the biophysical, human and socio-economic environment; (ii) propose technically viable and economically feasible mitigation measures to prevent, mitigate or offset the negative impacts of the project, but also some measures to enhance positive impacts.
Assessments relating to the location of the plant site

The site belongs administratively to Electra and is housed in its facilities. Currently there is no economic activity in the field.
Assessments relating to construction

Nuisance during the construction phase will be relatively minor on natural resources (soil, water and air), but they will generally go from minor to moderate in nature on the immediate environment due to the distance from residential areas. The only potential impacts will involve the operating staff and other activities on the site. To this end, we could just fear the sounds of machinery during the works, the risk of accidents, uncontrolled discharges of construction waste. However, the effects are easily manageable if the provisions of the ESMP, as well as safety and hygiene provisions are strictly enforced and respected.
Assessments relating to the running (operation) of the plant

During the commissioning of the plant, the only hazards that we might fear relate to the air quality with greenhouse gas emissions, the discharge of waste oil without treatment, risks and hazards related to the plant activities, etc. To this end, measures and provisions already contained in the project and strengthened by this ESMP, as well as maintenance and regular monitoring, will contribute in preventing and/or reducing to acceptable levels the potential negative impacts.

Based on the above assessments, we can say that the plant construction project in Praia, as presented, is viable on the environmental and social ground. However, it will be necessary to ensure that all measures provided under the project and those identified in this Environmental and Social Management Plan (including clauses to be incorporated in the contracts of works, the accompanying measures and monitoring arrangements) are fully and rigorously implemented.
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