Jean-François delannoy, Phd linguist and Analyst

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Jean-François DELANNOY, PhD

Linguist and Analyst

France: 3 rue Alice Servière, 92700 Colombes, +33 [0]1 4739 5333

Updated October 2015


I provide an array of language-related services:

  • Translation (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German)

  • Interpretation

  • (Re)Writing

  • Abstracting

  • Semantic analysis / artificial intelligence

Client profiles:

Institutions (including nine federal Canadian departments, and the EU representation in Canada), academia, NGOs, community/health centres, political actors (parties, lobbying groups), banks, artists, non-profit organizations, individuals


political/administrative (including public policy, international relations, lobbying), legal, commercial, technology / scicnce / R&D, culture,

Types of documents:

Press releases, speeches, official correspondence, work documents, internal reports and minutes, announcements, course material, tests, commercial proposals and agreements, contracts, surveys, scientific publications, profiles…


SFT (Société française des traducteurs)


  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence (Université d'Aix-Marseille III, 1991) – focusing on text analysis / report integration

  • DEA (MA+) in linguistics (Université de Rouen, 1987):

  • Maîtrise (MA) in English (Université de Pau, 1985): discussion of various theories of translation

  • Translation certificates (ATIO/CITC, Canada) (Ottawa, 1999-2001):

    • ENFR

    • FREN

    • ESFR

    • PRFR

    • PREN

    • DEFR

    • ELFR (Greek)

  • Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera – DELE, superior level, (U Ottawa, Canada, for Universidad de Salamanca, Spain, 1996)

  • Certificate of Proficiency in English, superior level (Bordeaux, for Oxford U., UK, 1984)

  • Diploma of Commercial English (Bordeaux 1984)


  • MS Word for Windows (preferred)

  • Systran 7 Premium expert user (in regular contact with the Systran company)


Experience: analysis, reports

Canadian Heritage Report on existing linguistic resources (May 2002). (English, French)

Bellanet Analysis of a (bilingual) discussion on Internet and society (2001) (English, French)
Referee for NSERC Evaluation of R&D project applications

Evaluator for NSF (USA) Evaluation of R&D project applications

Experience: interpretation

TokioMarineKiln insurance. EN-FR, 5 weeks

Open Society Institute lobbying




Gaussin logistics equipment






DGAC (Direction de l’Aviation Civile) ES-FR, 2 weeks

private client notarial (in 95 Poissy)

Voluntary interpretation work for

PeaceNow international policy

various musicians

Colombian cinema festival

Experience: translation

EN: English, FR: French, ES Spanish, PR Portuguese,

and occasionally DE: German, IT: Italian

Where no language pair is indicated, it is EN-FR.


10 notarial documents CH DE FR

speech for WW2 commemoration in Clichy FR-EN

specs for military equipment DE FR

marketing material for Waterlogic (water fountains)

specs for automatic cashier system DE FR

industrial diagnosis software manual (metallurgy)

specs for X-Ray machine DE FR

musicology documents FR EN

tender for hydrology equipment EL FR

Crystal: marketing docs on water purification DE FR

report on financial advice (about art),

B2B contracts

Administration, policy, political life

Canadian Department of Nationale Defence

Canadian Heritage

Environment Canada

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Government of the Territory of Nunavut

Human Resources Canada

Industry Canada

In-Touch Survey Systems, for Public Works Canada

National Capital Commission

PSEPC : Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada

Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton, then City of Ottawa

Revenue Canada

Can Association of Power Engineers

BabelFish (Ottawa)

Bernard Wood

First Nations Council Canada

Hydro Québec


Peace Now

Canadian Military Police

Institute on Governance (Toronto)

Toile scolaire francophone

Travailleurs unis des transports (syndicat)

Navigation Canada


Pollution Probe

International Relations, Geopolitics, International Development

Delegation of the European Commission in Canada



Environment Canada

Geopolmedia ( : FR-EN

INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)

Foreign Affairs Canada (DFAIT/MAECI)

Immigration Canada and UN-HCR

Immigration Canada

Pax Christi


Science and technology, Intellectual Property, industrial

25 patents (biology/genetics, mechanics) since 2014. EN-FR, DE-FR
National Research Council of Canada (NRC): 150 researcher profiles with technical details


Pr P. Turner, Glasgow

Pr Ray Siemens, UVictoria (article on his line of research on linguistic tools)

Julia Mihalache, UQuebec Hull (articles on the sociology of translation: FR-EN)

Pr Stan Matwin, UOttawa

Pr J. Mullins, U. Ottawa

Pr Jean-Michel Kantor, U. Paris VI (article on the history of mathematics in Russia)

Canquest, Toronto

Pr Yves Kodratoff, Paris XI (book by Michalsky on Machine learning)

Arnaud Dumouch (theology)


U. Aix-Marseille I

Pearson publishing (chapters of a book on Artificial intelligence)

subtitling of a documentary on physics by Stephen Leacock

Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois (DE FR : train maintenance)

Eurocopter (PT)

Equality Translation (300 toxicology sheets, industrial hardware)

Alcoa Brazil



Terra : documents on mobile telephone licencing in Greece : EL/FR

Emilios Cambouropoulos, Pierre-Yves Rolland

Daniel Labonia, M.A, UQAM, Montréal

Geomap (educational association)

Louis Laleye

Information First



OI Glass

Pertinence Mining



Most of my academic publications are in English.

Commerce and Trade (incl. e-commerce), Financial, Legal, Communication

for Kern Translation: gaming legislation in Greece (public consultation, press articles)

real estate property agreement in Greece

Maquet (major manufacturer of medical equipment in Canada)

Calyon (inter-bank agreements)

BNP/Atisreal (major real estate actor in France)

Food Expansion

Telefónica (ES FR, FR ES, PR FR, FR PR) : call for bids + bid (telecom)


Colombina (main confectionery manufacturer in Colombia)

Açucar Guarani (main sugar producer in Brasil)

Policis (comparative report on interest rates and lending)





Planète Artifice

Ray & Berndtson / Robertson & Surette

New Democratic Party (NDP ; canadien)

Canadian Liberal Party

Optima communications

Canadian Bank Note Company, Ottawa

RES International, Ottawa


Oxford Mutual Funds

Mars international

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Ottawa

The Bytown Group

Market Fresh, Ottawa



Living Language Services 

Electromec, AVA

Starting Point

Caisse Desjardins (bank)

Can. Wood Assoc.

Various Agencies : McCavana et Raiponce Com., Marseille

Luxury : Calvin Klein, Hackett, Vertu telephones, Kailis pearls, Glasshütte watches


Ideale Audience : some 15 liner notes for films on contemporary music

Concours Long-Thibaud

Espace Tajan

Hellot & Lemoine

Festival de Cannes 2004

Ale Kuma

Win Win Music



Opera Lyra Ottawa

Ottawa Chamber Music Festival

Centre culturel La Friche de la Belle de Mai (Marseille)

Luc Delannoy

Bruce Eisenbeil

Communauté électroacoustique canadienne

Music Now Association (Ottawa)

Billy Robinson

Health and Social

Health Canada

Social  Forum: texts for the European Social Forum (2003), the Wold Social Forum (2004),

Canadian Psychiatric Association

Canada Cancer Society

Canadian College of Health Service Executives

Canadian Mothercraft

Catholic centre for immigrants

Centre de santé Pinecrest-Queensway et Côte de sable (Ottawa)

Réseau de défense de la Recherche médicale

HEAL: Health Action Lobby


Invest in Kids


TMH Audio Systems (Tom Holman)

Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch (portfolio manager)

La Paix Maintenant

1001 Productions

Colloquium on Chile

Julio Padrón (musician)

European Social Forum


Various domains


Deaf and Hard of hearing Association of Ontario

HST (fuel distribution)

Canadian Nature Museum


Rainmaker, Toronto

Scouts Canada, Big Sisters

Spherion (hiring agency)




U. Saskatchewan

Witz Corporation


Adjunct Professor, SITE, Université d’Ottawa

1999 - 2003

Formerly part-time professor, and Associated researcher (1992-1999)

Senior Engineer, Thalès Communications, Paris

March –June 2002

Knowledge Engineer, RES/ODI/KSI, Ottawa

May 1995 – September 2002

Invited Researcher, ITK, Tilburg University, NL

September 1992 – December 1992

Engineer, ISoft SA, Paris

1991 – 1992

Engineer, SYSECA-Thomson, Saint-Cloud/Paris

1987 - 1991

Technical Writer in English, UNISYS, Barentin (Rouen)

1984 - 1987



  • Decanter: argumentation analysis, opinion analysis

Monitoring technological innovation in content analysis and documents management (GIFF seminar, trade shows e.g. I-Expo and LangTech)

  • Interested in linguistic policy


  • Perelman (Thalès, 2002) : assistance to argumentation

  • LookWAYup (RES): thesaurus-based tool for navigation and information retrieval

  • ProdFind (RES): search for and aggregation of e-commerce information from online catalogs ("shopbot").

  • TextSumm (RES et UOttawa): automatic text summarizer

  • Organization of a workshop on information retrieval and text analysis (ACFAS 99, May 1999).

  • MaLTe (UOttawa): semantic analysis associated to automatic learning (machine learning)

Casys (doctoral work, CNRS Marseille): knowledge acquisition and military situation monitoring from NATO reports


J.-F. Delannoy, « Pour Aider le Lecteur. Aides informatiques à la lecture. », dans Christian Vandendorpe et Denis Bachant (dir.) : Hypertextes. Espaces virtuels de lecture et d’écriture, Nota Bene, Québec, 2002

J.-F. Delannoy, “Arguing about drugs”, OSSA 2001 (conference of the Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation), Windsor, Ontario, May 2001

J.-F. Delannoy, “What are the points? What are the stances?”, Workshop on Human language technology, Conf of the Assn. for Comptl. Linguistics (ACL), Toulouse, France, July 2001


Born in 1959 in 65700 Maubourguet, France

Nationality: French and Canadian

SFT: Société Française des Traducteurs (

Former Affiliations

ATIO : Association des traducteurs et interprètes de l’Ontario (



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«Scientifique» option (Science et vie de la terre) – Établissement : Lycée François Truffaut – Ville : Bondoufle (91070)

Jean-François delannoy, Phd linguist and Analyst iconFrançois pesty – Expertise «Circuit du médicament hospitalier et informatisation»
«Stocks pharmaceutiques : une aide à la gestion informatisée». Gestions Hospitalières, 1984; 236 : 399-402

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